Using scaler as a scetchpad for chord progressions is too difficult

Hi all, newbee here. I have a feeling I’m missing some obvious setting or workflow so I need to ask how to solve this. Basically what I want is to have a view like the pad view (room for more than 8 chords), I want to set the scale and experiment with schetching progressions using chords, inversions, variations, secondary chords etc all in one screen. I thought this was the whole point of Scaler burt I have to navigate between three different screens to do this ?? It just breaks the flow an p… me off. Shurely I must be misunderstanding something? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Or do I need another sofware instead?

Thanks for any input.

I assume that you are using the trial version, and exploring its capabilities. AFAIK, there isn’t a single screen with the all facilities that you wish in Scaler 2.7.2 (presumably, you have explored all the available screens).

It does what it does. So on the basis of your requirements, it would seem the answer is ‘yes’. I don’t know of anything from my original investigations, so good luck with that. There may now be something new on the market.

There are many fine Scaler videos outlining its workflow functionality. I use Scaler as a Sketch pad all the time. From initial chords till final project. While there are a few improvements needed, I never feel bogged down. You just need to get used to it’s flow.

Hi @GTB you have actually 8x8=64 places available, and lassoing all them together you have actually a 64 chords pad :wink:

all the other changes, that is inversions, variations, secondary chords etc. will be all in one screen when you switch to the Edit window

I think to understand that you would have all changes in just one window, and maybe it will become true in the next major release, but currently you have to toogle between some windows, like the other similar software, I’m afraid


When I first started with Scaler, I, too, was looking for a way to have pad view not slide up over Chord View or the other views… If it slid down, letting me access Chord view, or any other view actually, along with Pad view I’d love it.

What I use for what you are describing is HookPad from HookTheory. I will spend my time working out the progressions over there. Then I will create same the progression in Scalar. There is some overlap in capabilities between HookPad and Scalar but they really work well together. I am a happy customer of both products.

Thanks I’ve been considering Hookpad but it’s expensive. Maybe if they do a sale:).
The Hooktheory books are excellent, they have converted my two years of theory reading into usable understanding :slight_smile:

I bought it with the one time payment because I wanted the other features and I refuse to subscribe to any continuing payments for anything, but just using it to build chord progressions and melodies is free.

Spread out over time, it doesn’t amount to much as it has been my entire entertainment spending for the last several years.

I have nothing against commercial software but what is available to use for free is pretty amazing. Between Cakewalk and Musescore and the free virtual instruments such as those from Spitfire Audio (BBC SO Discover and LABS) and some others, I have a long time to go before I exhaust their potential.