Using Scaler to run an external Hardware synth?

Is it possible to use Scaler in Ableton live and have it trigger chords in an external hardware synth? Can’t find anything online showing how…

Yes, I trigger chords from scaler to my hard synths, I have all my synths routed to scaler and I play the keys with my external midi keyboard. It’s the best way to play 4 note chords on the matriarch

Can u explain how? Right now I’m using my prophet-6 as a midi controller but also would like to trigger its internal sounds from chords from scaler?

You have to work out how your DAW deals with external instruments. I use Cubase and so you just need to create an instneral instrument. You need to get MIDI from the DAW to the instrument and audio back into the DAW. Most likely you need to turn Local OFF on the MIDI controller.

This is basic stuff and shouldn’t be too difficult to work out. Good luck with it.

This is a very easy setup. Here is the link on how to use external hardware with Ableton. Once you setup your synth in Ableton, follow the scaler routing instructions.

Controlling my analogue synths using scaler is quite amazing in that it just generates some incredible stuff mainly due to the old implementation of voice stealing on limited polyphony synths.
I use Logic’s External instrument to do so.

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I’m very experienced routing hardware synths in Ableton, but when I do it with Scaler, Scaler triggers the chords but also I get the signal from the individual note I’m pressing on my Prophet-6 as well…

You have to use a midi keyboard. Scaler can not mute the keys from your synth.

Have you tried turning "local off’ on your prophet 6? From memory you hit the global button and then go into midi settings.

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YES! Serious thank you. That works :slight_smile: