Using Scaler with Komplete

I found it interesting to use komplete to load Scaler to use.
Because there is a scale and arp function in komplete
Scaler also has a similar function.
However, since the komplete is external, you can try more combinations of sounds.

I don’t know if SCALER itself can do this too.
I find it very interesting. Or has it already, I just don’t know.

It would be convenient if the chords could be dragged down and turned into new chords here.
Now go to the 3chord menu on the right side of the scaler and click to enter

It seems like you get distracted by what other applications do and want Scaler to do them when Scaler is designed different. If you learn Scaler you will realize most everything you need to make music is right there. And if the Devs continue going the way they are Scaler will only get better.

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Yes, I’ve only recently started to learn more about NI products
I think their products have a lot to learn from.

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