Using Scaler with Pigments Arp

I recently wrote a short piece using Scaler to define the chord progressions and using them to develop arpeggios in Pigments. You do not need to use any of the sounds in Pigments as the Arp or sequencer in Pigments will also output the midi similar to scaler. So I used the chord progressions and modulation from Scaler starting in C major and modulating to F major, ran those through Pigments to develop a bass arpeggio and also used the scaler chord progressions to create a piano line. Why do this instead of using the scaler arp? Pigments arp has some great options to use any level of randomness to alter the arp over time for some great variations in velocity, octaves, probability and gate length. I’ve posted the resulting piece here:
Eschew Obfuscation

Hope this works as this is my first post with a link to a music piece.


Your composition is very good.
It’s true. The arpeggios generated by Pigments are more random.
I didn’t know it could do what you just explained until I saw this video from Venus Theory:


Thanks @jjfagot and for posting that video link. That is were I got the idea as I did not know that the Pigments arp/seq could be used to export the midi to another track. Works great in Ableton Live and I’m sure would be similar in other DAWs.
BYE THE WAY, I’m impressed with Venus Theory, his videos are great. I had a recent problem with a Vital preset I got from him so sent him an email for which he responded in less than 30 minutes! Cheers.


Yes. The Venus Theory videos are very good.
You can see right away that he is a good musician and that he explains everything in a way that we can all understand. I admire his great ability to constantly create new sounds. I recommend it to everyone

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Yup! Somewhere in the depths of this forum this discovery has been made previously. Glad to see that it’s not that “well kept secret” anymore. Arturia should advertise that feature more broadly, as it’s a gem! I love the Pigments sequencer with all its aleatoric capabilities. Glad you used it for one of your tracks! :slight_smile:

This is really inspiring. I’ve always found sequencing kinda “blah humbug” and not creative enough. Here is the level i can work with Thank you.

Thanks @Dannosaurus, I actually used only the arp section in Pigments not the sequencer. However, the sequencer would also be just as effective as it has the same option for creating variations.

I really like this piece !! :yum:

Well thanks @Linz53 I do appreciate your interest. Cheers

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