Using The Open Tunings

Scaler provides an excellent set of Open Turnings for the Fretboad Display.

When I’m looking for new ideas sometimes putting the Guitar into an open Turning and experimenting leads to interesting sounding chords and progressions I might not have found in Standard Tuning. I have a good pocket reference book for Opening Turnings and have used Chord Diagrams and Notation to create such chords in the past, but the Scaler Fretboad and Chord Edit is a great way to find good sounding to unusual chords playable in Opening Tuning. Try it out if you haven’t.

I’m working up a Chord Set I’ve called “Keef Chords” which are in Open G. I"ll upload that when I feel it’s more complete. So far it has both chords Keef knows, but there’s some others I want to include.

Nice use of Open Tuning from the late great Michael Hedges: I’m not sure if Scaler has this Tuning: C2C3D3G3A3D4. I know “Custom Tuning” has been considered.