UVI Falcon 2.5 as upcoming Scaler competitor?

UVI just provided an update to their Falcon plugin (a richly featured soft synth with comprehensive effects and MIDI generating/sequencing capability), which now has a MIDI capture (record, drag&drop) feature, complementary to the myriads of different (optionally aleatoric sequencers)

This video link is timestamped to the part where Venus Theory shows the MIDI capture feature, but before that there is lots of walkthrough of the sequencing options, some with a scale quantizer.

If UVI provides live MIDI out from the Falcon plugin, that will open a world of interesting MIDI pattern generation, along our discussion around what makes for an useful arpeggiators.

But I think Falcon is a long way from getting anywhere near Scaler on User Experience. Part of that is because the MIDI sequencer/event filters are just a subset of a much larger instrument (at $350 cost) that Falcon is versus a more focused and affordable Scaler.


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Hi Reza! :smiley: Welcome to the Scaler Community!


The sequencers sure look good. On my to buy list.


These ideas have been discussed in scaler forum in the past. But other software has realized these functions.

I always believe that entering chords, selecting styles, generating MIDI, drag and drop are indispensable

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Falcon is powerful but in my experience using separate plugins a better result. The new additions are cool but the scripts always feel a bit clunky in practice.
And its nothing like scaler at all as a tool.
It a synth I might spend the whole evening on one patch & then realise the wasn’t really that useful.
If you like Midi pattern generation to use with scaler Arturia pigments has midi output & the arpeggiator pretty decent. And M4L is pretty much endless fun & hard to beat in that regard.

I just learned that yesterday, also from Cameron/Venus Theory, that Pigments actually outputs MIDI. Since I love its sequencer, I was excited to find this out, apparently a well kept secret!


Me showing off my sound design “skillz”… my brother “bah, all you do is press one button”. I reset the synth and then go “here, now you try” :wink:


I just bought this. They have a sale on it that ends tomorrow. $244 w/ 2 free expansions!

FL Studio had a generate midi function that allows you to print the midi you’ve generated. Idk if it works on 3rd party plugins though.