V1.7 playing chord notes to all instrument tracks in Pro Tools

Previously had no problems with Scaler (or at least the demo version I was testing, first project using full version) in older projects. Went to test Melody notes in a seperate instrument track with Scaler as the only plug-in. any midi notes played from this track play out to all other instrument tracks, even those with no plug-ins (which in turn creates a strange distorted sound in the blank tracks).

Any track with a plug-in (ex. Serum or Kontakt) plays Scaler’s instrument sound through any other plug-ins in that track’s chain before playing through standard Out 1-2 to speakers.

Replacing scaler with another instrument in that same track resolves the issue and that track no longer plays out to all instrument tracks in the project.

All pro tools settings are set accordingly, as when I play any other instrument while their track is selected, it only plays from that track.

I understand that I can simply play out/pick the desired chords with scaler solo-ed, but I would prefer to see this problem looked in to or resolved, as it can slow and disrupt workflow.

Hi @Rix

Thanks for reporting your issue, we will run some tests in ProTools and get back to you.


Thanks for finding my post, Ed.

whether it makes any sort of difference, I apologize for not including; it’s PT ver.2018.3