Velocity at 127 on previewing chords with mouse click


I’ve seen that this has been addressed back in 2021 (a user pointed out that when you preview chords using the mouse click velocity is set to 127 and it’s super loud which I agree is very unpleasant and uninspiring to hear)

has it been fixed on the latest version?

also another long time question that just came to mind again:

when previewing is there a way to easily switch octave range of a given chord?
I mean only when previewing with mouse clicks
before dragging them into the grid.


On auditioning velocity, I’ve perhaps misunderstood your issue, but you should be able to adjust click velocity via the the ‘scaler UI velocity’ control under ‘playback’ in ‘settings’. Works for me…

“easily switch octave range of a given chord”
Good point. However, having selected the progression in section C, I normally flick to ‘edit’ so I can change octave and voicing quickly.

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thank you Panda!

it’s been added and I’ve also found the second answer: grouping. basically the chords, by def, were too wide and with grouping I can now limit then into a specific range (in my case C2-B3)

thanks a bunch!