Velocity - Its all about it!

Hi All,

Forgive me if something similar was posted elsewhere. I’ve been wondering if this is practical, though I feel its pretty much essential.

After extracting MIDI from Audio in a decent program, the Velocity info is extracted also but once this chord data is then ported and “Detected” within SCALER for playback afterward, all those subtle Velocity variations are lost.

This can make a huge difference with certain “Acoustic” presets and I’m wondering if there is a possibility that SCALER would offer to retain the velocity info from a given chord detection.

Any thoughts?

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Hi @MiR

you are right, velocity can make a huge difference. This is something we are working on for the next major version of Scaler. The ability to edit the velocity of notes in any chord will take Scaler a step further.


Editing would be great but is it possible that in detection mode, it might remember input velocity also?

Yes, the support for the velocity will also cover the detection mode.

Excellent. Thanks for reply

Will there be an early beta release of version 2.0 at all?

I wonder too if its possible (and practical again) that it may also capture the individual note start/stop time so we might retain those subtle and nuanced touches to the chords?

As I think more about it I guess the note off may not be a such a good idea when Re-performing but any more humanizing in the Strumming options is a good thing I’m sure.

Just thinking aloud here is all… ;>

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Yes there will be, but we are still a long way from a beta. As we get closer we will add more info on the forum.

It could be a cool thing to do, but there are some issues as you noticed… what would happen to a chord with start notes offsets when you apply a strumming for example. Would the original offset accumulate with the strumming one or would it be ignored etc… There are a lot of those behaviors to check before adding a feature like this but I think it would be nice to have the ability to retain more of the specificity of the input chords.


Yes I can see its not a straight forward thing to implement. Hmmm

I wonder too if some ability to switch on/off strumming/Arp by a selectable midi trigger in SCALER too would be useful for even more performance capabilities. Again that might not be as simple either…

If i may add to the users request that a Global Velocity knob be added, its painful at times to search for chords and audition by pad with the velocity being fixed, or perhaps i’m missing where this setting is found.

You can change velocities for each chord in your chord progression by going to chord edit mode (right click a chord in section C) or globally you can turn Humanise on and set it to Velocity only. Does this help?

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thats useful, however i was thinking more about the global velocity overall, if it cant be implemented its not a deal breaker, triggering from the keys is fine.

Well until we have multi velocity layered instruments then there would be no difference between a global velocity level and you turning down the level of the channel.