Velocity with external keyboard

Komplete Kontrol s 88 Ive noticed with mouse say like piano sounds crisp but when I use My midi keyboard it sounds muffled and no matter how hard I hit the keys just not the same is there a setting in sclerosis or something I tried chthulu chord prism and actually just playing and its fine

scaler and im using studio one at first I thought it was my velocity setting in komplete but its scaler and external midi

Hi @drange

I have recorded mid from my MAudio Oxygen 49 into Scaler 2 on both Reaper and Ableton Live and the velocity appears to be recorded accurately.

What instrument are you using in Scaler? Some Felt Piano and Soft Piano may sound a bit muffled compared to other instruments.

To check the velocity recorded, may I suggest recording a sequence in Scaler 2 then dragging the midi into another track to review the velocities.

Have you tried using another instrument such as piano on another track and recording simultaneously into Scaler and the piano track to compare the recordings?

yep done all u said but if I just play the piano part with out scaler seems fine that’s why I thought there was a setting in scaler I have the original komplete kontrol s88 its updated etc

did another test played it in luna and its fine its something in studio ones velocity or midi now this is weird