Ver 1.6 crashing with (strum) midi drag and drop piano roll /FL Studio

Version 1.6 is repeatedly crashing when attempting to midi drag and drop into piano roll using the strum option, regardless of speed. FL Studio 20/Win10/i7-6700k/16gb ddr4. The notes will show in the piano roll, but will crash immediately upon playing. I tried several times with the same result. I uninstalled/reinstalled Scaler 1.6 and it still crashed at the same spot.

Hi @ascissors

thanks for using Scaler, I have been able to reproduce the problem here on my setup.
We will get this fix soon. I will update here when a patch is available.

Thanks for reporting the issue,


Version 1.6 also crashed in Cubase whilst using strum drag n drop. I left the strum mode on, pressed play in cubase then it crashed. When I did the same thing again, but with the strum mode off, it works perfectly.

great! thank you! Btw, I really like the new update, despite the bug.

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Thanks for the info, disabling the strumming for playback is a good temporary workaround to avoid the crash.
The fix is on its way :slight_smile:

Hi @ascissors, @Studio-dbfx

The patch 1.6.1 containing the fix is now available on Plugin Boutique.


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Thanks Ed1 :slight_smile: