Verbose Chord Name showing Flats and Sharps

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to tell Scaler 2 to display chord names using flats or sharps not both? For instance currently is showing D#/Eb min, I would like to only display it Eb min



Welcome @johannrenck .

There has been quite a bit of traffic on this topic, and it’s worthwhile doing a few searches to see what the issues were.
For example @davide - who is a rare combination of musical and architectural skills - set out some aspects of systems issues at

The upshot is that there isn’t a completely common view, leavings the Scaler folk in the middle. Still, I am sure comments will soon arrive, and you can be sure that Scaler’s approach to this will be balanced and thought out.

Thanks for the link, interesting discussion, I can guess than now is showing both (flat and sharp together) in answer to that discussion?

as a musical newbie I found it useful that Scaler shows the equivalents, even if it may look convoluted to a pro. Perhaps a switch under options could accomodate both camps?


Enharmony is a reality in music. Sorry on music theory.
Sometimes, when I played, I hoped that the notation would be as simple as possible so that I could interpret it as correctly as possible…, but I met Wagner on one occasion. I never understood why he wrote 9 sharps when he could have made the interpretation of his work much easier with 3 flats.
Surely he didn’t understand why the musicians in the orchestra made faces at him when they met him.


Actually I clear everything and then started again and the chords now are showing as expected, Scaler2 might have been working on the idea that the scale I have was more complex