Very cool instrument coming soon!

There is a new synth/sampler that is like nothing before. Very expressive for playing, beautiful sounds, made by one of the best sound designer/composer and his team out. It’s called Soundpaint.
If you’re curious, here are a couple videos.
The guitar library - Soundpaint Instrument - 1975 Soulful Guitar ($20) - YouTube

The Overview - Soundpaint Tutorial - Overview - YouTube
It will be a game changer. The Engine with piano is free. Libraries will run $20 to $80. Most seem in the $50 range.
Personally, I can’t wait to try it out with Scaler. Sure to be brilliant.


And a very cool library of the massive Jupiter 8 synth that just brings back all those old memories from that era.

Had my eye on this lot… launch has been delayed due to security flaw in their servers…looks very interesting.

Yeah, can’t wait. I hope it will run on my machine. Everything sounds amazing. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Mate of mine been live chatting with founder today. Looking to release next week instead.

That will be fine. I know if the servers aren’t right on release day, everything will just bog down. I think there will be lots of downloads for this!

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Coool is cool but…

To play a guitar vst in THAT way you must be a keyboard-player well above the average IMHO

Because you have to master keyboards first, AND then you must understand the difference in physics between a guitar and a keyboard and learn the tricks needed to fill the gaps

For the common people like me, this tool is useless unless one like guitars that sound like keyboards, and this is not my case

Well, I don’t think I shouldn’t post this because some people can’t play that way. I can’t play as well as the video but I will make it work for me. Also, there are many, many more instruments then guitar,

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Personally, I rarely play anything in ‘live’.
Instruments like this can be programmed with midi in your DAW. I use Cubase, which excels at midi entry and manipulation.

never said or even thought you should not post @jamieh

I just wanted warning to be careful with demos…

For example, many years ago I saw a Autodesk Animator demo where a wonderful cartoon jumped up in a while
I bought it and then I found the demo was made by a wizard, and becoming a wizard required years of study and practice

I know this software coming and I am looking forward to it. I like learning new stuff and I work at it if I have to. Soundpaint is a new instrument but it’s not from outer space. A C minor chord progression is the same on it or a piano so I have no worries there.
BTW, animation is hard work. I worked and still work in animation and there are few shortcuts. But like anything, it can be learned.

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I know, and I studied Animator a lot making some appreciable video
Nevertheles I was never able to become a wizard, because this requires other skills I don’t have

So, my post was just a call for newbies to take advertising with a grain of salt

Instructive video. I recently started making misic and I like it

Today at noon is the release.