View all Group Assignments (7x8=56) at Once


Quite useful would be the ability to view the group assignments of the (7x8=56) chords in Section C all at once.

I imagine this would be implemented on the ‘4 Pad’ page, with the group assignments (when chosen as a view) taking the place of either the chords or the roman numerals.

I note that there are reasons the user may wish to assign each row to its own group, and reasons the user may wish to assign each column to its own group. Also, individual chords, or even other geometric groupings of chords. Having an optional overall view would be very helpful in all these cases.

@sj1 you can ‘lasso’ select (drag the mouse cursor outside the desired chords into a selection rectangle) all the chords in section C / the matrix that you wish to have played consecutively.

Then when you press play, it will keep progressing through them, even if they are spread across rows/groups. You can do the same lasso selection with the actual groups (patterns, on the left side in the matrix).

Yes, I find that the drag and copy and paste capabilities make it nicely straightforward to layout the 56 pads of Section C.

In this topic I discuss the desire to be able to see/inspect the results of doing so, which would assist both in getting it right when you originally do it and when reloading later and checking if you reloaded the right thing.