View chords that don't fit on main page

Some of the library progressions have more than 9 chords. How do I view them for dragging/dropping purposes? I see them on the keyboard (dark grey) when I bind the A section, but I’m stumped as to how to get at them. Thx.

Hi @danwpc , you can either scroll to the right, like so…

Or you can “lasso”, click on upper left corner right outside the left-most chord (C Maj in the screenshot), hold the mouse button depressed, and then drag it slowly beyond the right-most chord and hold it there, and you’ll see the chord boxes moving to the left, revealing and selecting the remaining chords that originally didn’t fit into the screen.

Excellent, @Bernd. Graçias!

Welcome Dan

To build on @Bernd’s response, you can also right click between the chords to bring up a select all window
While you’ll still need to add the chords to a pattern (with right click), Scaler will build multiple patterns to house the chords and you can see them all in Pad View.

Also, know that while you can Select All Notes (you’ll occasionally get single notes when doing a detection), you can’t do anything with them other than delete them.


Ah, nice! Learning to navigate the interface effectively is more than half the battle. Thanks for the help, @TMacD!

No problem Dan…just paying it forward and passing on what others have shared.

FWIW, there are some nav tidbits here as well, and hopefully people will add to it over time.

Once again, thx. I’ll keep an eye on the hidden features link.