Virtual Midi Out?

Is there any way scalar could create a virtual midi out that could appear in the Maschine Midi ports to get around this nonsense with Maschines plugins not sending midi? I don’t have any faith that Native Inst will address this any time soon. I’d love to be able to route Scalar to other plug ins without blue cat or whatever it is. Or maybe have scalar host other VSTs so the midi routing is internal?

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Welcome @Mod1 We’d like this too and we are headed there.

Any time soon? This is a true drawback when working in Maschine, mainly because triggered one note chords only record as single notes. I know, you can drag and drop midi, but triggering Maschine sounds and recording them so that chords show up on their grid would be a GODSEND!!

I bought a Launchpad Pro a month or so ago and the chord mode has made any need for Scaler much less of an issue in Maschine.

Scalar as an iPad/iPhone app would be cool too. You could just use it in the midi input of maschine.

Hi @Mod1, I’ve had success using Element to host Scaler and then route the midi output wherever I needed. Free compiled installers on Github, and I compiled the latest 0.46.0 version on MacOS Big Sur. I had to source the deprecated VST2 libs separately, cause… Steinberg. Message me if you’re interested in the 0.46.0 MacOS app.

I have downloaded and installed Element on Windows. I’m starting to learn how to use it, and it’s very intuitive. I find it very interesting. I’ll tell you how it goes. Thanks eakwarren for the link.

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In Ableton Live I was unable to assign the individual midi tracks of EastWest’s new Opus Orchestrator.
But I found the solution with Element, from Kushview
In the video I use Scaler 2, creating a chord progression, which I send to Opus Orchestrator. The Opus midi out goes a loopmidi midi out (another wonder). Later in Ableton I create midi tracks that have as input loopmidi, each one with the channel assigned by Orchestrator

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I’ve been trying to set this up (currently with Element v0.41.1), but I have two issues:

  • the original (trigger) note is passed over to the output instrument
  • while recording, maschine switches to the triggered sound when it receives midi input, making it impossible to trigger further chords

For 2, the workaround could be to record triggering sound first, and then record chords in a second step. not ideal but doable.

The first one is more of a show-stopper as the only option would be to manually remove false notes :dizzy_face:

@eakwarren , did you have the same issues?

Edit: first issue is fixed with Element 0.46 :slight_smile:

Hi @the_k welcome to the Scaler community. I think there’s a setting in Scaler to not output the trigger notes. Maybe check the manual? p.23 chord mute I think. I could be wrong. I’m away from my computer. :slightly_smiling_face: