Vital a Free Easy to Use Synth

Hi Guys

I have been using Vital for some time. It comes in a few flavours:
Basic: free (the version I have) - 75 presets and 25 wavetables
Plus: $25 - 250 presets and 75 wavetables
Pro: $80 - 400+ presets and 150 wavetables

This synth is has a lot of features but is very easy to use and and develop new sounds for all you soud designers. There is a lot of support through the User Forum (just like Scaler) and a large number of free sound packs. There are also quite a few commercial packs which to me shows how good it is.

It produces some really great pad sounds and leads.

For an introduction to Vital there is a video on the Reaper channel: Reaper Mania


You don’t need to buy the plus or pro version to get a lot of patches and wave tables for Vital, Just check out the Share topic on the Vital forum.

Lucy Blake has released two huge banks of presets on this forum.

Her examples on the post show how versatile Vital is.

Vital is really great! It’s insane that this is free, as it’s better than most paid alternatives. In a few ways, I even prefer it to Arturia Pigments.

Personally, I don’t care so much for the presets it ships with - and it’s preset tagging / browsing system isn’t really that great. But there’s a huge community creating tutorials and presets for Vital, which has a lot of potential.

Recommendations from my side:

Love Vital. Any synth that has a Lorenz Attractor gets my vote. Now we just need a Mandelbrot set wave generator.

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Well, earlier versions of Omnisphere had the ‘ORB’, which had similar notions embedded
‎Omni TR on the App Store