Vocaloid6 for Davide

Hi Davide,
In your last Video on 2.8 you used Vocaloid6 to create a track. I bought it immediately after , as I did the scaler tutorial course. If only other developers were so informative with their products! Bravo!
Can you direct me to any tutorials on Vocaloid6 you used to learn it?
Thank you!

HI @JLP I just installed it and had a go to be honest. It seemed fairly straightforward, I think I just watched a YT video on it. This one : 【YAMAHA】VOCALOID6 Walkthrough - YouTube

In terms of vocal realism, Synth V by dreamtonics is way ahead of everyone else at the moment.
Listen to Solaria ou Natalie’s voices.

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Nice call - I love them both and have had a little more time with Vocaloid due to a current project for a major Chinese video game company with good results. Next project I am going to try Synth V.

My next song, release date 23/06/2023 use scaler & Synth V

Very nice, never heard of it before.

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