Voice Grouping Changes Not Applying in DAW

I have a simple 4 bar chord progression in my DAW (Logic). I have no problem clicking through the different scaler expressions and hearing the different phrases but if I cycle through the voice groupings there is no change to the expression as it’s being played in logic. If I bind the chords to my controller then it will change up the voicings if I click the voice grouping tab. However, if I try to record it to a track and click the voice grouping mid way through as I am recording, I’ll hear the change but when I play it back my daw does not seem to be recording the voicing change as it’s just playing back the expression without any change in the voicings.


It’s quite tricky for scaler to update certain things live like voicings of expressions (if I am understanding you correctly). That’s quite normal with many plugins in that start stop triggers new selection. Hope that helps.