Voice grouping help

hi there – I appear to have tied myself up in knots and was hoping someone might be able to assist. I am trying to get a melody line to play in roughly the same octave. I tried this initially by creating Groups in the Playback Performances section (screenshot 1):

But this played the last two chords two octaves higher than the first two. So I tried changing the chord voicings:

That didn’t help either. Then I tried changing the Octave setting in section B:

That seemed to work - but I don’t know which of the settings above actually helped! Is it a combination or am I over-complicating this? I don’t know how best to share an audio file of the loop I’m using here but perhaps that might clarify things. Cheers!

Hey Vikram.

1st, I hope you don’t mind that I changed the category of your post to Support.

I noticed you have the MELODY MODE for GROUP 1 as Scale Based and GROUP 2 as Chord Based. Were these the settings in the mix that worked the way you wanted it to?


Yes. When we take chords from presets it sometimes happens that the chords are in different octaves, or have different root notes. The sites to change it are the ones you have set out in your explanation.
Also try the different groupings of voices. Sometimes simply changing the whole progression to Dynamic or dynamic + 8th they are all placed in the same 8th

hi @TMacD - thanks for putting this in the right category. On your question: yes, I was trying to switch the melody to follow the chords for the 3rd & 4th chords so that was intentional

thanks @jjfagot - when you say take chords from presets do you mean drag & drop from the chord section (C)? I tried Dynamic Voice Grouping but that had no effect on the melody notes. What is Dynamic + 8?

By dynamic + 8th I meant Dynamic + 1 Oct. Sorry.
I was not referring to bringing chords from section C. I was referring to taking progressions that are already made (on Songs and Artists, for example)
I’m sorry what I wrote was not worth it. Maybe you can change the inversion in the chord that changes the octave, in Edit - Chord voicing - Inversion

No worries, thanks for replying! I hadn’t picked the progressions from Songs/Artists - it was directly from Part C after selecting the scale (B Phrygian in this instance). I did try messing with the inversion but that didn’t make any change either. I did get it to change octaves but I have no which of the things I tried ultimately worked.