Voice Groupings C4-B5

Is there any workaround to set the voice groupings to C4-B5? I am trying to trigger the preset chords in Ujam’s Amber. Ujam has the chords mapped to C4-E6.

Thanks in advance,
David Elliott

I may have a workaround that seems to be working. I am using Logic Pro. I put the MIDI fx transposer on the same channel strip (set below vs above) Scaler MIDI fx. I set it to transpose up 2 octaves (24 semitones). I removed voice groupings. This seems to be working so far.

That’s the easiest and probably the best. I use a transpose MIDI FX all the time on many instruments that have a specific range like that.

Hi @delliott
You can even use MIDI Polysher that lets you also avoid Scaler hitting the UJAM Stop key, or other keys that give trouble like certain articulations that must be activated in a precise manner (not randomly)

BTW, if you use the larger Voice Groupings, you are even able to hit notes in both areas for patterns, not just in the area for chords, and this adds variability to UJAM riffs

Thanks Claudio. I will give MIDI Polysher a try.