Voice Groupings

Would it be possible to see a dynamic group range voicing over 3 octaves c1- B4 in Scaler 2. Although not particularly authentic to a piano player unless they are an octopus with 8 handsI suppose, however it does help to arrange string sections spanning a Bass- Cellos- and then Violins. At the moment i have to make it up outside of voicing by making enormous chords spanning 3 octaves. If it were available I would use it then I could drive a whole String section like an Orchestral type arrangement. At moment I think voicing currently spans 1 octave then 2. 3 would be just perfect! String Sections sound phenomenal driven from Scaler particularly when using Performance. It is outside simply playing one instrument like a piano I suppose but it would make Scaler 2 available for a more orchestral type of arrangements.

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Ultimately we want this user selectable but there are some challenges with implementation. On the roadmap!

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Thanks Davide. One of the great things about Scaler is that you guys are always listening to how to make it better. It’s not like you just develop the product and leave it there. You always seem to be forward looking for improvements. Another great thing is that you are truly keen to offer detailed instruction through excellent tutorial type videos all of which have been excellent. Thanks! Really great work and great service.