Voice leading

I’ve been working with Scaler and Rapidcomposer. The more I work with RC the more I want to see voice leading somehow incorporated in Scaler with playing the progressions. Either under grouping or under the pad section. I realize we can work on leading with the chord but in RC you can turn it on from one chord to the next if it makes things smoother. It makes a huge difference in the beauty of the chords going into one another. I would hope to see something coming in Version 3.

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Indeed, scaler is not about blasting it with more chord sets etc (which we will do anyway) but rather making the simple things better. Voice Leading and profiles is something we are exploring deeply. Stay tuned. Thanks for the suggestion.


Thanks for the reply, David. This will make a huge difference in the way compositions move in each part.
As I work with this further I’ll let you know any more thoughts on this.
Cheers and thanks for the inspiring work so far. Scaler just keeps getting better.