VOICINGS in Intervals based on chords instead of scales

With all the AI and semi-AI around the corner, I would like to see more possibilities to play Scaler myself until I get replaced by AI. Learning voicings by intervals is my preferred method on guitar. The intervals on the fretboard in relation to a scale make sense. When I play a chord I would like to learn and see the chord intervals based on the chord itself. Would help to understand and apply the proposed voicings much easier. Especially when extracting a voicing.

I suspect that there’s a lot of stuff that’s badged as AI as a marketing label. AI encompasses a whole range of techniques ranging from the fairly simply to the very complex.
I think it has a way to go before it puts Hans Zimmer out of a job…

Here’s a dialogue I had with ChatGPT

then, taking what it just told and showed me, I asked

It seems to have forgotten what it told me 10 seconds ago.

I think a lot of jobs will go, but that’s true of many technologies over the last 100 years. But I think ‘creatives’ (whether in Art or Science) can maybe rest easy for a while, and that include you, I guess , @2KA

Don´t underestimate AI. I play guitar and never stop to learn new voicings. With MIDI instruments musicians are going to be replaced earlier than we think. AI is learning how to effectively separate stems in any music at the moment. Learning the voicings of Hans Zimmer will be a much easier step.
For the moment I would be happy if the Scaler team invests more time so we can play Scaler ourselves.

Could you clarify this? I play Scaler now all the time. So what exactly do you want it to do?

Scaler’s strength is in the chords, and in my opinion also in the fact that with one finger you can pick up a complex chord quickly, which would not be possible with my skills otherwise, and with the other hand I can play a melody.

I am speaking about Keys-Lock in Chord Notes muted mode that lets you play single notes. Hasn´t been developed since its early release, despite being a great solution to play single notes of chords rhythmically without relying on any sequences.

With the Keys Lock mode, you can trigger chords and play the notes individually. The trouble starts with picking inversions that sound great and the knowledge that is necessary. That´s where Scaler could help to teach people how professional pianists approach their voicings.