VSTi Routing has jitter / latency

When i’m trying to play a VST with scaler the timing of the recorded notes are off and have some kind of jitter. All of them are a bit delayed but some more the others.

To reproduce the bug

  1. Set scaler and vst exactly like in this video Scaler 2 | VSTi Routing in Ableton Live | Quick Tip Tutorial - YouTube
  2. Make a pattern of chords in scaler
  3. Sync scaler with DAW by left click on play button.
  4. Play the pattern and Record the notes on the vst track.
  5. The notes will be delayed and will have jitter.

I will also post a photo of a random pattern recorded in ableton!
Screenshot 2020-08-24 at 23.25.15|690x246

Do you have Humanize turned on for notes?

Hi, thanks for answer. Sadly Humanize is not turned on. the plugin is set as default, so no changes to it. Just added a chord progression and every time there is this jitter.
Do you have this problem as well?

Hmmm I’m assuming this is either a plugin delay issue from another plug or you are not using as intended. Can you try midi capture within scaler and drag the result to the track? That should work perfectly.

I have the same problem in Studio one 5 , the midi is super off .I stop using it because of this problem.please someone fix this.

The drag and drop function is working good, only when i try to use it in another midi channel with monitoring. The project that i have is new, so i still think it’s a scaler bug.

I do not have this problem. If I have Humanize on there is a light variation in note starts but as expected.