Warning sound using one key chord playing feature when hitting lowest key

I am getting a chirping or beeping noise using the one key chord playing feature when I hit the lowest chord or first chord in the group. I am guessing this is some type of warning signal? how do I turn it off or is this a bug? using Scaler 2 with Studio one 5 artist. Win10 OS. I am unable to record until I figure out the problem. Thanks.

You sure it’s not a Windows warning? I don’t think there are any warning tones built into Scaler. Could it be a note getting cut off abruptly?

Yes it’s not windows it is coming from the program, I am going to attempt to record with it again today. It may have been the way I was trying to use it without the auto play where you set the note timing and pitch then play etc. Instead I was just attempting to play the chords using the single keys feature and hit record on Studio one to record it which is when that sound came through as I hit the first key. I will attempt it again and let you know if it is still occurring.

It seems to be working now, not sure what caused it now but if it happens again I will let you know.

Hey Rand. I’m an S1 user as well and while I love it, sometimes it can be handful when routing and other items arise. One thing you might add to your troubleshooting/testing arsenal is something like NanoHost freeware - minimalist VST host

It is free, solid, easy to set up and used by several of the members here on the forum. I use it almost everyday when toying around with just Scaler. It is great for testing and since you can record it’s output to audio directly, it is a great way to pull loops from Scaler quickly.

You can find some related threads here: Search results for 'NanoHost' - Scaler Plugin - Community Forum

New problem using S1 with scaler 2. I get the keys sticking over lapping in performance mode. I have have been messing with some settings and noticed I can use the latch feature I can play the note and it performs without the keys sticking. then turn off the latch feature and play a chord in performance mode and keys stick. I read many posts about it but have not seen anything posted on how to fix it. I am guessing it is some setting conflicting with another setting. Have you seen anything about this and what the remedy was?

Just figured out the problem. I had dragged an audio file into scaler or attempted to so it could plot out the chords in the audio file but it for some reason would not drag into scaler maybe the wrong format or something. Anyhow there are two settings midi on top and audio below. I clicked off audio and on to midi and the keys sticking problem stopped.

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