Weird "midi note / pad triggering " Problem


I send midi notes c3, g2 to Scaler but 1 note triggers 2 Scaler pads.
What could this be?

Hi @phonaak

thanks for reporting your issue, we will have a look.

We’ll do some testing here, does it happens only in this specific setup with all the patterns selected and the bind on all keys?

I don’t see any mention of your OS or DAW.


Yes, i think.
I’m beginner. :slightly_smiling_face:

Last Monterey
Ableton Live

Ableton Live 11.2 I assume? Have you tried starting with binding one pattern and than add another till that happens again? Do you need all patterns selected for it to happen? I haven’t seen this on my iMac with Live or Bitwig or Cubase.