Weird problem with Scaler 2 and Logic Pro X 10.5

Hi all

Absolutely excited with Scaler 2.

Now, when I want to transfer midi data via MIDI CAPTURE or directly into Logic Pro X 10.5 (mac os Catalina) it’s ALL a mess!

Any functional suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for developing such a great plugin.


PS: Is this a bug or have I overseen something.
By the way both systems (Scaler 2 + Scaler Control2 Midi FX) don’t function properly.

Turn off BIND when playing the notes that you have dragged across otherwise its chords triggering chords and a mess. I think we need an internal message to say ‘Turn off BIND if dragging midi capture to track’

Or do that by default with an info popup

Dear Davide

Yes, that was the answer I needed. I haven’t gone into detail yet, but it works a thousand times better than before. Thank you so much.

Since you are the one who made most of those powerful and outstanding videos regarding Scaler 2, I have another question:

Entering KEYS-LOCK I am presented with the following options:

Scale Notes Mapped

Scale Notes Only

Scale White Keys

Chord Notes

Chord Extensions

As I remember in a video you recommended “Chord Extensions” for working with the right hand playing melodies, while with the left the one finger chords.

Now, why specifically preferring Chord Extensions over the other options?

First, my intention is that the notes I play and the ones with the left hand (one finger chord) are all precisely nailed by MIDI CAPTURE, and secondly, since I am not a pianist, while playing the melodies having Scaler 2 taking care of that the notes I hit are in the correct chord family – even if I play a wrong note.

Question: Can these 2 points be perfectly accomplished by choosing Chord Extensions or do I have to switch for example to “Scale Notes Only” instead?

Also, if possible, can you define the term “Extensions” in that context a bit deeper, so I have clearer understanding?

Again, thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing.


Dear Jon

You write:

“do that by default with an info popup

Can you please explain where exactly?

I am new to the Scaler world.

Thank you.


I was talking to David, sorry that wasn’t clear! I meant his idea of ‘tell you you’ve might have done something wrong’ would be better if it did the ‘right thing’ and told you it had with a setting somewhere to make that the default.

If they want to add something to spot a possible user problem, why not just make the suggestion the default? Saves the user having to undo and redo.

“make that the default”

That would be a functional idea.

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Chord Notes will only allow you to play notes of whatever chord you are triggering. So if you play a C Major chord of C,E&G you can only trigger those notes across a range of octaves.
Chord Extensions in the same scenario will only allow C,E,G and B, D, F & A Allowing for more versatile and complex melodies that still sound right.
All the other options in Keys Lock force everything you play into whatever scale you are currently in.
Hope that makes sense.

“Allowing for more versatile and complex melodies that still sound right.”

Great advice.

Moving forward strongly.

Thank you, Davide and the Scaler Team.


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