Welcome Scaler 2.4 (musical showcase)

Welcome Scaler 2.4 by Bernd@PDX (soundcloud.com)

Under the covers…


In C Major. Happy, Light, Bright, Positive.
This is the “definition” that appears as a guide in Scaler. This is how I feel with the new Scaler 2.4. For me it is not just a complement. It is the beginning of all my compositions. I want to dedicate this humble song to support Davide, Ed1 and all the great Scaler development team for their great work. In it are many of those wonderful ostinatos and simple (but effective) ways to make Music. Thanks with all my heart
The sounds are from another wonder that I have subscribed to. EastWest Hollywood ComposerCloud. I also have to understand there how to use the best and not use what is already made, since the truly important thing is to become capable of transmitting your own feelings, and we cannot leave that in the hands of others. Our feelings are ours.
E min, F maj, G maj, A min, C maj, G maj, A min, A min,
F maj, F maj, D min, A min, A min, G sus4, A min, G maj




And @swingmix where is your contribution? You mentioned something about having made a song with the new Scaler, now we want to hear all about it! Please share it! :slight_smile:


Ha ha, my work is too simple. Only bass and ARP :joy:
I’ve been familiar with all kinds of accompaniment.
I found that this time I didn’t add a common accompaniment type suitable for live playing and singing. :wink:

No undue bashfulness! You underestimate the power of minimalism, it’s a style onto its own, appreciated by many. Look, I am fairly new to “making music” as well, and I always openly share and have been surprised by the supportive feedback received in the process. We’re all friends here, so don’t be shy. A song can speak a thousand words in the forum :slight_smile:

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What file types are able to be uploaded here? Any audio? or do they have to be links from sound cloud? Just wondering.

Not sure what the upload limitations in this forum are. I think ZIP files likely work. I just use Soundcloud because I am used to pushing my stuff there anywhere for other audiences. But you could use any filesharing portal. It’s just more efficient to post URLs for streams than whole files for download. But whatever works for you.

Got It, Thanks Bernd. By the way, I checked out the track you had on sound cloud. Pretty Cool. :slight_smile: :+1:

My work too, but I am just more “una faccia di bronzo” (bold as brass)

So go for it @swingmix !

Really nice tune. I must say in my career I have written and produced thousands of tunes and devoted many to various people but I don’t think I have ever had one dedicated to me! Thank you!


Well said sir…and well played! :slight_smile:

Resolved Longing by Bernd@PDX | Free Listening on SoundCloud

“Composing” this took no more than 10 minutes of quality time with Scaler 2.4 and Waldorf Nave.

I had the Nave as an iPad app for a while, in fact one of my first iOS based soft synths. It just went on sale the other day as VST. It’s not as stable as I had wished, but the ability to run multiple instances in parallel was worth it (iPad only runs one preset at a time, as synth, not considering bouncing audio into the track).

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Made with Scaler 2.4 which is driving most everything in one form or another including the percussion (violin, viola, cello and acoustic bass being tapped and hit with hands and sampled into Kontakt.



I use it in die make Sounddesign with it for Dolby Atmos production. Together with remidi.
Because i Personal do Not speak english and my husband only a little it will be fine if someone makes a Tutorial for Scaler use inside the Davinci Resolve DAW together best with Remidi.

Here an example how Scaler was used with Plasmonic (i make Patches since 6 months for Plasmonic) and 5000 Worldmusic Patches.

I did made a teaser for the #jazzday for the official Education Program. We did send 2 cord progressions from from Kabul Radiostation and Constanta Radio in Space and let the Sounds move with Geolocation.

Background: a discussion with Herbie Hancock in a Livestream. I did blur the faces. At the end of Video also some sounds mikroscaled.


@jamieh thanks for yours like. Yours Work with Johanna Priestley remembers me that i still have since a longer time some short Video unfinished here. Still no time to make the music for this piece. And still not ready for Color Fragments. The Lightrays i did put inside should be for moving Sounds with Dolby Atmos i am concentrating me.

For a first beginn to set the sound objects in the Strass and let them move here will be a more easy task to keep them moving in a natural way.

But with the netherlands artist i have since a longer time contact because of my 360 photography and filming since years.

Maybe we can do some work and sounds together using scaler inside DaVinci Resolve.

Hi @tocan. I use DaVinci Resolve but not for sound design. I’ve used all the DAWs out there it seems but lately have been using Ableton Live and now Cubase 11 for music and sound design. I would be interested in your workflow in Resolve. I did a 1 hour feature for Joanna Priestley called North of Blue that was done entirely in Ableton Live with final mix in Pro Tools. I wish I could have mixed it in Atmos but we has no facility for it.
The video above looks quite interesting. This is the one you haven’t done audio for, correct? Looks like it would be fun to work on. Are you using Artmatic and Voyager for that video? I used those for years. I was on the Beta team for a long time.

Yes its done with Colour VR. This Tool ist easy to learn.

Workflow. Most time i use inside DaVinci Resolve with Unify. Unify ist a VST host that eat all. So i start in a Channel Unify as VST Plugin. Inside Unify you have a Box where you can load yours Midifile
Also Remidi and Scaler 2. In General you Work with Unify but the Advantage is that you Play and be in the DAW and can easy adapt yours Videoscenes the same time. AS DAW Davinci Resolve Fairlight have a Lots of limitations because you can not edit Midi inside there. This way i Go direction Musescore what have in Professional Film Work Advantages. Because the Orchestration ist often external the Composer.

Because the Davinci Guys are most time only visual orientated there exist no good Tutorials for Audio.

Mainly in the Moment i have the Problem that for Dolby Atmos you need Wave files not Midi. In fact i have to Work Out, how i get from Unify Just one Sound Out. And do define for the Soundobjects in DaVinci Resolve the Output. You can have 128 Soundobjects that you can place in the room and let them move. For Bassdrum and Bass you Like not to have an Sound Object. But i guess for this we should Open a new thread.

First for Managing Davinci Resolve one and second another for Dolby Atmos.

Windows will not work. Needs Mac OS Catalina.

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very happy to get those ones because unison midi chord pack ads kept on remembering this was missing in Scaler :smiley:

You folks may want to take this private via email since this is a Scaler forum.