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This forum provides support for Plugin Boutique Scaler. You will find guides and tutorials on how to setup and use Scaler more efficiently.

I need support for Scaler

There are 2 ways you can get support for Scaler.

Please read the guide below to find out the best way to get the support you need:

If your issue is regarding one of the following:

Purchasing Scaler
Downloading Scaler
Installing Scaler

or, Another issue with Scaler in your Plugin Boutique account

Please submit a ticket with our customer care team through our Help Centre here:


If your issue is regarding one of the following:

A glitch/technical malfunction within Scaler
Feature inquires
Feature requests and feedback

Please contact the Scaler development and forum support team through the Scaler Forum in one of the above appropriate categories.

Thank you for your interest in Scaler and your added support.