We're lucky to have the Scaler forums. Thanks for them

When I got Scaler I was glad to see it had a forum. I’ve always found product forums useful. I’ve learned many things reading them and enjoy posting on them. Forums are a source of added value for any product.

When I started with Cubase I joined the forums there. Reading posts and asking questions saved me hours, perhaps years, of time on the learning curve. I tried to do the same for others. That’s my outlook on this and any other fora as well.

I think we’re in relatively early days in Scaler’s development but it’s already a product I’d happily use for years as it is right now. Scaler has a great team and vision behind the product. Each iteration of Scaler I’ve seen has provided significant improvements over the last.

Thanks to Plugin Boutique and Scaler for these forums and to everyone who posts and reads here.


Yes, there are a lot of friendly and helpful people here willing to take their time to help anyone.

Hopefully everyone here sticks around for a long time! :slight_smile: