What about Chords with different BASS note colors?

A chord can fundamentally change its color if you change the bass note on a piano keyboard.
Scaler I think just detects what you’re playing in your right hand overall, so what happens if you play a G triad chord with your right hand and your left hand is on the D an octave down ?

G with a G bass is very different from
G with a D bass.

Does Scaler have plans to recognize this ?

Chord voicings are already supported by Scaler, when hovering over a chord you can see the voicing (with the bass note) highlighted on the keyboard.

When it comes to the bass note indication in the name of the chord, we are looking at adding this in a future version for more clarity.


Oh, like this:
Would be nice if the small box containing the D bass note was inside the larger box with the main chord. Thanks for continuing to update and adding stuff.