What do you want in Scaler 3.0?

Honeslty stability is my most desired 3.0 feature.

The features the program already have are quite impressive.

THis isn’t to say that I couldn’t rattle off a number of nice enhancements, etc. But the reality is Scaler, while it is my favorite VST (out of over 1400 of them). It is also one of the only program that seems to want to crash my DAW with some frequency.

Let’s figure it out. What’s different about your system that is different then the hundreds and hundreds of others that don’t crash.
What is you OS?
What is your DAW?
What is you Computer set up?

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I run multiple machines, all most up to date Scaler version and Windows 10 builds.

DAW is Cakewalk (run the latest build)

Crashing has been in issue since Scaler 1 and continued to Scaler 2.

It doesn’t happen “all the time” but it is frequent enough that I’d call it an issue. Again, none of my other plugins seem to have this problem and I have a lot of them.

And respectfully, there are a number of other users that do experince crashes with the Scaler/Cakewalk combo as I’m a frequent poster on the Cakewalk forum.

Main computer is a custom build, older gen I3 with Nvidia Graphics and 16 GIGs of ram.

Other computers are various Lenovo i5 ThinkPads with between 16 and 32 gigs of RAM per machine.

The first thing that strikes me and you seem to confirm is the commonality of Calkwalk being the DAW that is crashing in all cases including many on the Cakewalk forum. So, that being the case, just out of curiosity, is there anything in common that happens when there is a crash? I assume you’ve sent the crash reports to the Scaler Devs so they can have a look?

It can crash when Scaler is the only VSTs running. I sent crash reports to Cakewalk and they of course confirmed Scaler was causing it. I honestly don’t remember if I sent Crash dumps to Scaler direclty or not.

I’ve never yet had Scaler bring down my DAW, although the vast majority of the time I am using Live. However, I do have Cakewalk (latest version) which I do use from time to time, but have not experienced any problems with this.

I’ve just searched the posts for all those containing the word ‘Cakewalk’, and there are 3 which mention a crash .

There were several reports relating to dragging and dropping in Cakewalk, reported by @Trankonia, @RedFox, @Slharder and others.

However, there are more crash reports in other DAWs (including Live) than Cakewalk, but that probably is simply a result of the distribution of DAW usage here. They were not always for the same reason.

I’ve been a Cakewalk / Sonar user for 20+ years after buying v2.1 on floppy discs (!) and they were very late to the VST party, having instead used their own DXi approach. It is therefore conceivable that the lack of stability you mention may have some bearing on that. although you say other VST’s have not given any problems.

I’d be happy to help by running test on my machine to try and replicate any repeatable crash scenarios you can specify Hopefully it’s possible to do this as the crashes occur with Scaler alone, so it is some Scaler / Cakewalk interaction. If I can’t reproduce them, then that might point to some specific Scaler / machine interaction. Let me know if you want to do this.
My config is Asus Z390 mobo ; i9-9900 clocked to 4.9Ghz ;32 Gb Corsair ; Radeon W3100 duel video using DP4; Samsung EVO 970 M2 SSD ; Windows 10 Pro.

Having been in the software business for rather a long time, it is a characteristic of all service desks (and not just in software) to punt back error reports by blaming something else unless it can obviously be parked on them … but that cynical comment aside let’s see if it can be reproduced on other gear. Maybe @Trankonia might help … he’s a seasoned cakewalk user.

This is no longer a problem on my system with the latest version of Cakewalk and Scaler.

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Oddly enough Cakewalk/Sonar has actually been cutting edge for a long time. They were the first 64 bit DAW and were early adopters of VST3 (obviously can’t be the first there as it is a Steinberg developed standard). But have ironically “supported” 32bit VSTs long after other dropped the format and still maintained cutting edge support.

I’ll have to do some work to try to find “repeatable” scenarios. Thanks for the support.

I agree completely. For example, CAL as a scripting language was way ahead of the pack, as was the templating and other user configurability. Its demise (prior to Band Lab) was IMHO the fault of Gibson, who, beset by other issues and having no real track record as far as I could see in the software world blew it. A real pity, as I had invested effort into getting in to it.
There was, though, a focus of users in the US, compared to Cubase.

There may be a resurgence, however. I’ve already had more updates from Band Lab since they took it over than any other app AND it’s f r e e !

Well, if nothing else maybe I helped @yorkeman come aboard with his set of diagnostic insight. Maybe it will get sussed out.
Good luck!

Still waiting for this feature:
Single note recognition (instead of only chord recognition by now)
Any chance to see this?
Shouldn’t be rocket science I guess…


I would like to be able to see and edit the midi while inside of scaler. Move the notes around etc.


There’s many ways for us to do this, just about choosing the right way thats intuitive and fun and doesn’t feel like we are being a DAW imposter! Watch this space.


This feature would be such a great addition to an already powerful tool!
I really enjoy Toontrack’s approach to MIDI editing on EZ Bass and the MIDI previewing on EZ Keys.
I’d love to be able to do this in a similar if not better way in Scaler.
It will help a great deal for those of us who mostly write Funk progressions that are syncopated/anticipated

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I would like to help where I can. I am a bit out of commission right now due to a back injury but will try to do some testing next week after I get some injections. If there is a new beta version or new release of Scaler let me know as I have not been in Scaler for quite some time as I have been focusing more on my band and playing/recoding drums and assisting in the production of friends album. That said, if I know what we want to duplicate I am more than happy to investigate.


I wish you a speed recovery Dorien

Thanks! Happened while on a cruise vacation that had to be cut short

That sucks…did you manage to get back without having to have special transport ?

Hope you recover soon