What does "Blink Effect" mean? I don't see it in the manual

Just curious. I clicked it and don’t notice what changed.

When a section or pattern is bound, the dot for it blinks, unless you change it to off in preferences.

Along with the bind indicator, there are a couple other places the UI blinks to indicate a feature is turned on: Performance, Key-Locked, Voice Grouping and Humanize

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on the contrary, if you click on the duck eyes… it marks time for you

No self-respecting chord/midi plugin should neglect Claudio’s proposed essential features :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: Reminds me of the visual gimmicks that LeBoz puts into his fascinating Reaktor ensembles he develops.

The creepy rabit’s eyes that randomly move, in creepy ways corresponding with the creepy sounds of his ensembles :wink:

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Who is calling me, the Rabbit Composer?

You have been summoned! :rabbit::rabbit2:
If you don’t B# you might Cb.