What exactly is Scaler Detect Useful For?

Still cannot figure out the audio, but I just made a midi clip of what I think I hummed.
Anyway, created a very simple midi clip of notes: F, E, F, C, B-flat.
I dragged this into Scaler to detect, and it only detects 2 notes, both of which are completely wrong (D and C-sharp).

So, what is the point of this feature???

Slight correction: It is detected the last 2 notes correctly, but still, only the last two notes.

This one has been resolved.
I figured out the notes have to be of some minimum length (maybe quarter note or half note?).

Scaler detects Chords. That is its primary function with detect. It will detect MIDI and Audio with MIDI being very accurate and Audio variable depending on the source. Since humming is Monophonic and not a chord it won’t be very accurate. There are 2 main Scaler — Scaler 2 and Scaler 2 Audio. You would primarily use Scaler 2.
I suggest at least 2 of the Main videos by Davide. Excellent introductions.
This is for detection -

In depth Overview. —

There are many tutorials and introductions in the General discussions forum as well.
Welcome to Scaler! With a little patience you’ll get there. This is a holiday season so response might be slower than usual.

Thank you!

I bought the bundle that includes the Producer Tech course on Scaler, and I started that, but I wanted to try and see if I could use Scaler in this way real quick (ended up taking 90 minutes though…).