What exactly is the "input monitor IN" doing in the Ableton setup of Scaler?

I’d like to get help from someone more experienced than me in Ableton routing to better understand the function of monitor IN. Let’s say we have the classical Ableton setting with two tracks, one with Scaler on and the other with a vst on, getting the input from the first one and with input monitor IN.

Now sync with the daw and push the play button, you will hear the chords. Why, if I change the input monitoring to Auto, I am not hearing the chords anymore? I know that I’m not monitoring the input now, but shouldn’t the midi input still be routed to the VST track and from here to the master? Normally when there is no clip in an Auto monitored track, the behavior is the same as if the monitor is In.

I know that it must be elementary knowledge of daw functioning but I still have trouble understanding it.

Hi @pablow

From my experience the IN setting enables you to monitor the output from the track when it is not armed for recording. AUTO turns monitoring on if the track is armed for recording and off if it is not armed. So if the setting is on AUTO there will be no from the track unless it is armed for recording.