What happened to the hip-hop chord sets?

I could of sworn older versions of Scaler had a hip-hop chord set under the “songs” presets. Is there a specific reason they were taken out and is there any chance of them coming back? As far as I remember they were pretty good.

@FLguy - Never had Hip Hop but the R&B, Neo Soul and Acid Jazz (amongst many others) are great for Hip Hop. I wonder if there’s scope for a Hip Hop chord set. What artist style would you suggest?

I’m with you on this one. There are so many ways you can go and maybe just come up with something that sounds good. That’s what I would suggest.

Maybe I was mistaken for another plugin like Scaler. As far as chord sets, there are some you mentioned that indeed work for rap, but sometimes they are a little too jazzy, happy, or don’t sound hip hop enough. It’s hard to explain, but some progressions with that “hard sounding” hip-hop tension would be cool.

I can’t pick a specific artist off the top of my head because rap is so variable in sound, but seeing how hip-hop / trap is one of if not the biggest style of music that is produced today, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to throw a category in there for one or both of those genres. I can get back to you with some artist examples if you are interested in adding them.

Scaler is a great plugin, and hopefully down the line there will be a database or something of the sort where people can download extra presets created by the community. There are a decent amount now, but there definitely can be a lot more genres and chord sets. Acid jazz only has one set, which after using it for months gets stale. I’d like to see more jazz and acid jazz chord sets down the line. Those are genres where I would of never put together borrowed chords, or flat 5 chords without the help of Scaler. Plugins like chutulu and others like Scaler have many thousands of presets available for download which makes the possibilities endless, where you never have to reuse just one or two of the same presets. That is the only thing about those plugins that makes them even stand next to Scaler. Other than that, Scaler blows them out of the water in all other aspects. I think the added workflow of being able to find chords that work for trap and or hip-hip without having to go through other genres would be nothing be beneficial.

I’d be glad to put together some chord sets that would work great for hip-hop if it’s something that interests you.

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@FLguy We will put some together but would love a contribution from you. I’ll PM you.

I thought the same, I think Hip hop was dropped as a word in a promo or a review video (perhaps on pluginboutique). I bought Scaler for HipHop and was very disappointed when it only had R&B. I use it mainly now for downbeat sad hiphop than more intense or epic sounding scales. I’ll be really interested what comes from the community. Trap and Modern HipHop are two styles with a LOT of mileage (and probably very profitable to develop as expansion packs (different arpeggios etc).

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I sent some progressions over to davide so hopefully they will be added!