What has happened to command ' Add to SELECTION'?

This command used to work well in Scaler 1 but now seems to work like a move command instead now. So when you select it in Scaler 2 it simply moves the chord to where you drop it, leaving a rest behind in its place. This is very frustrating when you want to double up the chord in many different places. This was a good command that I found very useful but now it just works as a Move tool. It would also be useful if it could be re-instated back to it’s former glory and then be made so that it can copy chords and drop them into other pattens without having to have the need to duplicate a whole pattern and then go through the new pattern deleting the chords that you do not want in that pattern.

Please please please!

On the Mac you can lasso any chords and option drag them to where you want. I’m sure there is a similar function on PC. A good work around. I’m sure they will address that soon as they are getting Scaler refined.

Hey @Jumbodude

you can also use alt-drag to duplicate chords quickly. Select the chords, and hold the “alt” key while dragging.