What is a?

If you are not classically trained and someone with limited musical knowledge, which I think is the majority of people working in the computer music industry, then there is a lot in Scaler that is a bit of a mystery ie, what is a phrase, Con Amore, Dynamic, and the list goes on.

I thought you could add links to tutorials in addition to the Rollover Help improvements I suggested.

Something like:

You Right-Click or Rollover on something like, Phrase and a Help PopUp shows with the following clickable links:

What is a Phrase?
How to create…
How to modify…
How to save…
How to use in your song or composition…

I’m sure others could come up with a better layout, but hopefully you get the idea.

There are video that explains all of that and the manual as well. But the videos by Davide should not be discounted.

Hi @jamieh

I agree there are very good videos. Davide’s are excellent, but more of an overview of different concepts rather than an in-depth tutorial. The Manual is just that, a manual, not a User’s Guide. Ideally, I would like to see a User Guide that starts at the beginning and builds from one step to the next. You could have a Beginner’s Guide and an Advanced Guide for those wanting to do more with Scaler.

I’m trying to help improve Scaler for everyone and not trying to discredit or put down what people are doing in an attempt to make Scaler accessible.

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Certainly a noble goal. How long have you been using Scaler? I’ve watched grow from version 1 and I must say it has come a long way. It will only continue to get better.

Hi @jamieh

Thanks for the reply.

I’m a relative newcomer to Scaler, starting with 2.

I’m sure it has come a long way and will continue to develop, as you rightly say.

Scaler 2.7 shows us what can be achieved. If users continue to make suggestions to the ‘request for ideas for the next version,’ then there will be some more amazing things to look forward to in the future.

My ideas are not negative comments about Scaler, but I feel it seems to be taken that way here. I think this is a common phenomenon in today’s society that is endemic to this Social Media age.

I don’t have the time or inclination to waste being negative. There is no benefit to anyone.

There are only two forums that I have used, one is the Alziemers Society Forum, and the other is here. So, hopefully, you can see that I don’t get involved with social media other than the ASF. I wanted to help Scaler grow.

The ASF is so different. Everyone seems to be on the same road. A group of us raised funds for research through music, which is why I started looking at and using Scaler.

People here support all that is Scaler and hold ownership of it and the developers seem to have clear goals. These are in a much better place than I am to make suggestions and implement those ideas. So, I will no longer be adding to the forum, but I am not going away. I will be visiting regularly as I search for help which I’m sure I’ll need.

I thank all who have replied and made comments, which is very much appreciated!

I wish you good health, happiness, peace and goodwill now and throughout the coming new year.

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I used certain emoticons by purpose, Alfie
it’s humour, just that
no criticism against you
So don’t go away for that, please

I think you’ve made some great suggestions. Ones that I find useful I tend not to respond to as they are either in our plans (which many of your suggestions are) or that I think it’s a good idea so I take notes. It’s comments that people disagree with that they would respond to. That’s the nature of human beings. Negative responses are usually quite vociferous and positive ones silent! As music writer my whole life I have tended to be able filter out the negativity otherwise I just wouldn’t have persisted with my music career!

Hi Alfie

A lifetime in software product development taught me that some of our best innovation arose from input from (a) fresh eyes and/or (b) those not tainted by the burden of familiarity with our products (’ that’s the way it works’').

So please keep adding input, or we might miss some really new great idea…