What is the chord progression of this song?

I love this song, I try to find the chords in it. But it’s a little hard to find.
I use software analysis to say that this song is in B minor.
But the beginning is
It’s a B major, not a B minor. Makes me a little confused.
Also, is there any website that can directly show the chord progression of this song so that I can see it at a glance?

the deCoda app will do this

or, type this into google


Also, the video can’t be seen


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Chordify is useful.

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why not just googling “jason derulo slidin” + “chords”?
this is the very ABC of googling

and a 2nd search produced this



Because of my location, Google cannot be used. Also, my English is not good, I want to find useful information is a bit difficult.

Here is a screen shot from the Chordify site.

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thank you very much. I opened this website. Saw the youtube video on the right with the chords shown below and it was great.
Still, is the chord display correct?
Let’s say the beginning, it shows Em - A - B ,Em7-A-F#
When I hit these chords with SCALER, how come I don’t feel right?

You can try a VPN, maybe?

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True, but unstable. Very difficult to open. Most importantly, it is difficult for me to pick out what I need in a pile of English messages.
I definitely know that I should use GOOGLE, because I didn’t find what I needed, so I came here to ask everyone.
I’m assuming you know some common chord-finding sites.
chordify.net is really convenient and awesome, thanks to all.Do you like this type of song? There are many beautiful girls in it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

LOL, I see, I see
well, I like (and danced a lot) this genre, but I prefer other singers from the past like e.g. Shaggy
Well, maybe it’s not the same genre, but it seems close to me

If it was him, his voice was very characteristic. I’ve heard his voice in many songs, it’s magnetic

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The Chordify website does not show which scale a song belongs to. Only chord progressions are displayed.

Then, when I signed up, I had a daily search limit, but if I didn’t sign up, there was no limit. :joy:

It’s a paid site. I’ve never signed up and get 1 song per day.

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only one song?
Why can I keep searching, there seems to be no limit. :joy:

Maybe your location. Don’t know.

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I found that if you don’t register, you can only play one song normally. However, if you use a different browser, you can continue watching.

This kind of website is very good, except for this, is there any limit or more convenient?

Also, I found that some chords may not be displayed very accurately, but they are fine. Thank you so much.

Cool chord progression!
I trust my own ears more all those obviously wrong suggestions above…

| Em7 A | Bsus4 B | Em7 A | F# |

The seventh in the first chord and sus4 in the third are very important, it most likely won’t sound similar to the song if you don’t include those notes.

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thanks. So what scale does this song belong to?

Well, that’s a bit up to yourself to interpret, but in my opinion it’s iv7 - bVII - I.
Like this:
| iv7 bVII | Isus4 I | iv7 bVII | V |
So B major in this case.

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If it is B major, IV is E
In B minor, iv is Em

If it is in B minor, then v=F#m can be interpreted, but it becomes V=F#, which is very common.
But if it is in B minor, the B and Bsus4 appearing cannot be explained