What is the chord progression of this song?

not really, yours seems a series of covers

now try this or this one
both danced a lot by me sometime ago… :grinning:

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It’s a classic, I remember hearing it a lot in dance clubs when I was younger. And the sound is remixed with a lot of electronic music. I recall many things.

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Yup, those chords you mention that seemingly don’t fit are just borrowed from its parallel key(s), that’s what make the chord progression of this song so interesting imo.
There are no rules in music, just guidelines, right!

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I’m just a little confused, don’t know if it’s B major or B minor or E minor. :sweat_smile:

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Use Chordino plugin with Sonic Visualiser,its gives true and most complex chords too…Never do mistakes.And you can export midi files to Scaler

Is it convenient to provide the relevant introduction link, thank you

This should be a D major song



Coder is Matthias Mauch from Queen London sound technologies.

Please watch youtube tutorial too…