What is the correct way to start a new song?

What is the correct way to clear all the chords and start a new song? I tried Clear State, but that seems to be for resetting everything. It seems that there should be a clear button on the pad.

there are no correct or wrong workflows…

here is my preferred

in practice, put one Scaler in a track, set one scale, or select a style/artist, duplicate Scaler on other tracks with a different instrument assigned to each, then set “specialized” Scalers (e.g. the Bass wants bass patterns), then put all tracks armed, set all tracks in Scaler looped and in syncro with your DAW, then play all them in the DAW and enjoy

while all instruments loop, you can change expressions, phrases, patterns etc and hear what happens: I love so much this un-canonical way of doing

Thanks Claudio. That is helpful, but I guess I did not ask the question clearly. What I am looking for is a way to delete the current set of chords, and start a new one, without clearing all the other settings. I know that I can select them all, and hit delete, but it would be handy to just have a button to clear the chords.

well, in this case I think the best way is to ask here

The best way imo is to save the states that you want and then you can reload ANY setup that you have previously stored.

If you need a different setup, you simply call up the one that is closest and modify and resave it. Of course you have to be semi-organized, or it can be a bit overwhelming.


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