What is the retro guitar sound based on?

I’ve been using it to write some riffs that I would like to rerecord with my guitar. Is it based on a particular guitar and/or effects? It almost sounds like half guitar half 80s synth.

Is this like one of those phantom companies that doesn’t really exist?

Hi @22878 welcome to the forum. Yes the Scaler team is very much real, just very busy behind the scenes right now so apologies for missing your question.

Retro Electric is a custom sound created for Scaler inspired by the retro chimey overdriven chorus guitar tones popular across many decades. Think Rickenbacker / Vox / Boss CE-2 vibe. Hope this helps!

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Great, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Is this Retro guitar sound 100% synthesized or does it use any real samples?

No it is partially sample based, but also uses synthesis.

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