What Killed Jazz & Rock & Roll? (Hint: It Wasn't Hip Hop)

I thought that this was a really good talk, not really
specific to Scaler, but there are a lot of Jazz/Rock
fans online, so well worth a mention:


if it wasn’t hip-hop what it was?
the grid?

Great and nutritive video reflection!

I am sure that there are musical energies that will never die, it only falls back from the massive hit charts, although honestly jazz and other wrong named “elitist” styles have never really been supported by the masses of millions. But if we analyze it closely we will realize that when jazz, rarely, manages to climb positions in popular taste, it does so based on quality and not on noise or the sadly uncreative tendencies of the massive mediocre popular music scene today.

The problem is that many Jazz practicing musicians forget that “Jazz” intrinsically means INTEGRATION, fusion and sharing with the positive part of current trends in music. They insist on transmitting a message of a complicated and personalized intellectual Jazz, loaded with components that cannot be understood by the ordinary public.

That is why Smooth Jazz came out already decades ago as a very successful response of integration with the masses, but unfortunately that kinda of popular jazzy trend also falls many times in the category of cheap easy listening and 21st century elevator music.

Here I just want to mention a few and very notorious examples of Jazz of musical quality and integration with the mass public: Snarky Puppy and Dirty Loops, with them words are not need, however it is necessary to emphasize its incredible mix and fusion of elements of Jazz with rock, electronica, blues, gospel, Latin, Caribbean and world music.

And even though their music may seem complicated and impossible to create like the current trend of “beats” that anyone armed with a software, a mouse or a tactile screen can do.

These new artists are extraordinary musicians who not only speak with complex scales and modes, but with the heart, as you can see in the videos where they share with many people in the same studio with the musicians. If that’s not integration then nothing is!
And honestly, this is sorely lacking in the super-egotistical scene of much of today’s pathetic commercial music.

That is why I think Jazz, Rock & Roll and Blues are a thousand times more alive than the crappy music made and produced by “copying and pasting” little bricks and parts on a screen or hitting super colorful illuminated pads on a control surface we hear today on the world music networks.

And that’s why awesome tools like Scaler 2 can be the stairway to heaven for those who use it wisely and creatively, despite degrees or musicianship! and the main factor, GETTING FUN in the process, that is the SPIRIT that must prevail!

As long as that spirit of great bands and artists survives from the legacy of decades past, allying with new trends, there will always be hope that global and universal music will NEVER die!

Snarky Puppy - Lingus (We Like It Here)

Dirty Loops - World On Fire

I think to have got the point: standardization
all folks using the same effect, DAWs, etc.

but don’t you think it was the same in the analogic era?
all the same guitar/keyboard, the same (analogic) effect, the same pickup etc.?

and yet an innovator jumped out here and there using the same stuff

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I think in “the analog era” there were many different makes of guitars, and various other instruments. Wood clarinets, but mostly plastic. Cornets, trumpets, etc. Just a varied array of different makes, models, to listen to and play.

Not only were the instruments different in their sound, but the individual players added to this array of difference. And then later came the different mics and speakers and specifically where the mics were placed and different mic’ing techniques.

But quantizing can be a big killer for almost anything that “had a live feel”. Just like having a set volume when hitting keys. And Autotune on the vocals, or too much “wet” mix on the effects can also be very bad.

And next came all of the mid-side chaining effects, glitch, etc.

In an effort to become perfect, much music has become a bit “bland” to a point.

Some like it, and some don’t. It’s just a different generation – a different “genre”.

I don’t think anyone expects music to stay the same.

Everyone likes what they listen to, or they would find something else, or wouldn’t listen.

Note: Those who don’t even play an instrument, never learned any theory, etc., and make music are “Producers”? I find it odd that they are “anything” without proper training. But, I suppose many are successful; it’s just not who I am, and not the kind of music I listen to.

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maybe this is why I hate quantizing… and Section C BTW :smiley:
W Live & Section A!

luckily enough I called myself “composer”