What really entices musicians

I was looking at stats on the Sound On Sound website, and I noticed the same trend I usually see in a photography forum I attend:


… seem way more enticing than Music Theory, Songwriting & Composition…

Cattura 1
and collaboration offers are the Cinderella

Cattura 2


Baubles are great but they soon lose their lustre which is one reason I have too many on my DAW.

I must say I find the theory side and composition more satisfying in the long run. I just wisj I was better at both.

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I have been a long time reader of SOS (having subscribed), and your point is very valid. However, I would note that there has been a lot of overlap between ‘Techniques’ and the ‘Music Theory’ elements. For example, Techniques in ‘orchestration’ might sit in either, but this won’t materially change the ratio or your point.

It’s also the case that new gizmos come out at an increasing frequency, whereas theory and writing practise is relatively static, so you would expect a difference, as in photography.

Know what you mean, and my music creation skills are about on a par with my photographic talents :frowning_face: , but I do like improving my theory knowledge, often using my guitar (where my playing skills are even weaker).


this jargon is amazing
I’ll put it immediately in place of trinkets

Please learn some Prog accompaniment/solo, so I can put it in my new songs

Baubles just are shiny trinkets

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