What would be the most efficient non Daw standalone shell for Scaler 2?

What would be the most clean way to run Scaler as a Non DAW stand-alone? I know there are a few things available to host VSTs which are non DAW based. Was anything tested and known to work with Scaler? Seems like all the available hosts are “ancient”. Or there is some newly released/supported ones available?
Thank you.

There is a roadmap for a standalone. I would assume its coming in 2020. Can’t advise on non DAW hosts atm

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This tiny program is a shell that can run your VST as a standalone (Windows). Has 2 versions for 32bit and 64bit plugins. You can automate it, to run a specific VST from single shortcut with ease. Very stable.

Here is KVR link:

Just a recommendation. Have not tried it but some folks I know like it…

Musicstudent, thanks it was I who post it on PG yesterday :slight_smile:

Yes, found it yesterday. Was meaning to update this today. Very nice little plugin as it has very small footprint /does not take much space on screen. Makes it very clean to run Scaler as a Standalone! Only annoying thing was it is not configured well for high DPI, but that can be dealt with by choosing custom DPI in properties for this particular program. So far, very stable. Using loop midi, you can connect it / chain it to complete. Ohh yes, it is free.

To much of my surprise (and sadness), Scaler does not come as a stand-alone. For me, this seems like the best alterntive if not to involve a DAW . If anyone tried something different, please share. Otherwise, please consider this thread as a request too. Please make a version of standalone Scaler.

Sometimes people want to just play around with chords, without involving a project in DAW, routing audio etc. Now, with the shell I have a single icon on desktop. I click that and in 3 seconds I can start expierementing :slight_smile:

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OMG, what a small world! Here we are both looking at the same thing and thinking the same thing at the same time at yet a world apart - that’s weird.

LOL Indeed, especially when I see my own wording on completely different forum.
Tested this little plugin with Scaler some more today. Works like magic as a standalone. I like it much more than Savihost , nearest competitor. Maybe Scaler team should just buy the code from developer, tune it… and problem will be solved for them and many perspective buyers, I am certain, customer base will expand if Scaler is offered with option of a standalone.

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Audacity can import and use VSTs. I don’t know if it would fire up Scaler. Might be worth giving it a try. There are some free VST hosts out there too.

MasterTuner. Thanks. NanoHost is what I need, nothing more :slight_smile:

David, save the effort Nonohost has already done this for you. Works like a charm with Scaler 1.8 (demo). Focus on getting 2.0 out so we can all enjoy the new and stable features of Scaler 2.0

If you are in the Native Instruments eco-system then Komplete Kontrol works good to host Scaler.

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That would not work because “wonderful” NI developers decided not to give midi output to plugins. So using a Scaler will be a “one way street”. There is a old topic on NI forum with many people supporting this feature, but some bonehead at NI unfortunately think differently.

Nanohost has a few minor bugs working with Scaler, but so far it is the smallest footprint “shell” that I found. But I do hope, that Scaler folks will give a serious thought of making it a standalone as well. I am confident, it will attract more people.

Standalone, iOS, NI KK full implementation. All on our roadmap!

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I have been using Live Professor 2, which I really like.

Has anyone tried to get Scaler 2 to integrate with Audacity and had success? Feels like this could be a bit of a rabbit-hole i’d rather not try…unless some other brave soul has already successfully got it to work.

I have “Hosting AU” as well and i’m just trying to find an easy reliable way to have a light Scaler 2 standalone-like setup working quickly with minimal hassle.

Very much appreciate any guidance anyone has to offer.

Tone2 Nanohost is the perfect standalone for Scaler.


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Thanks for the suggestion. I’m a Mac guy and unfortunately it looks like they only have a Windows version. I’m wary of running a VM type system to bridge the Win/Mac differences. That’s why I’m looking at “Hosting AU” and/or Audacity.

If anyone has made progress on either of those fronts, would be grateful to hear it. Also, if somehow I’m missing anything obvious; i’d be grateful for a clue. :slight_smile:

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Hi @krowney,

Perhaps you’d be interested in my post about hosting Scaler in Element on Mac OS.



Totally agree with eakwarren. :+1: I am using it on Windows. It is free development, although to have the latest version 4.6 I paid. But only 2 dollar
It not only allows you to have Scaler in a standalone application. You can route any other Vst in a modular way

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