What's about Scaler 3?

Some 3 months passed already, so it’s time for a new version…
:pray: :grin: :grinning:

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You can say what you want. Say it and you can achieve it. :grinning:

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Hopefully, Scaler will take a little model from the Hooktheory page, but not too much. I mean that there should also be a melody line and help with it. In addition, of course, the chord section can always be improved.

Is there something glaringly wrong with the current version?



2.8 coming Q2 and let’s see how we go from there!


Thanks Davide

I hope that no AI-based upgrades will jump out anyway
as I explain here :grin: :rofl:

I’m grateful for that, Davide. This is why I love Scaler and PluginBoutique. They provide affordable plugins with long term support for free.
Thanks again!

I’ve just discovered Scaler 2.7 and I’m so impressed with it. I can’t imagine what else it could need, without taking it into the realm of over complexity with symptoms of bloatedness.

Edit: I forgot how much I love probability, I even added it to my own little step sequencer that I created in Xcode.


Welcome to the forum @MPhrasor and thanks for the good vibes. We love it too. And it needs less over complexity and bloatedness!!

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The only problem with the current version is on the iOS/iPad without drag & drop of notes functionality when using Scaler as a MIDI effect on a virtual instrument inside Garageband, Beatmaker 3, and Roland Zenbeats.

Excited for 2.8 . This is already such a wonderfully rich tool that keeps improving.

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Looking fwd to 2.8 also - as in, checking this board almost every day in anticipation of an announcement !

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Davide, am I correct in reading the name of the plugin is titled “Scaler” and has been since V1?

Scaler 2 has already become bloatware.

  1. adding a gig of sample files
  2. instruments.
  3. all the articulations, phrases and extras.

It’s supposed to be an Idea tool, not a DAW right?
otherwise, Scaler is a RapidComposer style clone.

Keep that in mind, when adding Bloat, Bells & Whistles.

Internet and forum users suffer from an addiction to
this need for an All in One package.
“updates” and “more features = better”

Oh and the, catering to lazy people, want everything to just work…
a lot of vst start out as being specialized but
then become All in One bloat.

I think that you should consider that any software is developed based on the majority tastes, not just yours :wink:

Let me say firstly that I understand where you are coming from and respect your opinion. So I’m not trolling, just commenting.

For me, I think that there is only a superficial comparison between RC and Scaler; plus, Scaler is ‘single track’ and can’t handle a composition, unlike RC. Also Scaler is nowhere near the set of products you might think of as a DAW, IMHO

The issue you raise stems from the notion that if you ask 10 users what they would like Scaler to do, and you would get 12 answers; ask the same 10 what they use Scaler for, and you would also get 12 answers. So different users buy for different reasons, and hence all users will have functions in there they don’t use.

So for example, I don’t use the internal sounds, but a GB here and there on my 10 Tb machine is not an issue for me.

Economically, software needs a critical mass of users. The more vertical ./ specialized it is, the smaller the set of people who would buy it. I guess the developers factor that in to the design of the breadth and depth of the functions they offer to meet their commercial goals.

Out of curiosity, if you junk Scale today, I would be interested to know which other product on the market today you would buy to replace it?

Is your name “Davide” ? No it isn’t

nope, but the 3D is mine :wink:

Since “bloatware” has a negative connotation in the software field I want to help clarify a few things…

Your point 1. and 2. are related. The sample files are the implementation of the Scaler internal instruments. So they are not two separate issues, but if you want the Scaler built-in instruments, they need to manifest somewhere as sample files. And if you dont need the Scaler internal instruments, then you can opt out from them during the installation process. Granted, the request to separate the gigabyte instrument download from the core Scaler software installable has been made, to save download time for those who do not need instruments. A possible solution could be that core scaler software, once installed has an option to load the instruments separately.

Point 3…I would consider the articulations and phrases (any of Scalers MIDI performances) part of the core Scaler functionality. I would not have bought Scaler without them. And they certainly do not take much disk space away.

BTW, “Scaler has become…” - all of the features you critique have been there since the original Scaler version. They just expand from version to version, even in minor releases, and I find that a good thing that we get additional functionality with each minor releases without additional cost.
I dont even find the user interface “bloated”, given the myriad of features and options Scaler offers. In fact, the Scaler user interface is quite unconvential, which I love, makes my workflow easier that Scaler doesnt look like an everyday office tool :grin:


Not everybody runs their music environment on a data center :rofl:

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You have a way with words…

A bit contradictory to understand for me…making the point that a product is too all-in-one “bloated”, yet poking fun at laziness. Since the point of complaining about bloat would seem to be that a product suffering bloat becomes too convoluted and probably harder to use for particular focused use cases, but one could argue that aversion to “bloat” is a form of laziness :wink:

Scaler is pretty richly featured, and probably has quite a learning curve (as a long time Scaler expert by now I cant really relate :sweat_smile:) - so looking for more focused plugins saves time & effort (making laziness a virtue)

Personally I find it more cumbersome to have to find separate VSTs for each little use case, and welcome more integrated and fully featured plugins.