What's about Scaler 3?

BTW, removing all the features above, i.e. all features, what will remain?
Just the GUI with buttons to select chords?

If this is really what you want, I think you wasted time and money
unless you are another T-Rex playing rock & rOLL

In any case, even the current Scaler version is already a very good composition for work. I wish I had a program like this in use already in the 90s.

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The term bloatware has a negative connotation and describes software that is more appearance than reality. Scaler is definitely not that. However, I agree with you that there is a tendency to make Scaler more complicated and it becomes more and more difficult for beginners to use this tool. Instead of working out a way to make productions easier with it, the calls for more and more are getting louder and louder and thus makes it more and more cluttered. But that’s the world. Nothing new here.

Hi guys,

I’m not sure I would suggest that

[quote=“djmani, post:13, topic:13268”]
Scaler 2 has already become bloatware.

A little research on my file explorer shows that the Scalar 2 dll is 47KB, and the sound sets that make up the instruments are 875MB. I think I am correct in saying that the performances are packaged within the Scaler vst (I couldn’t find them anywhere else).

On my modest machine (500GB SSD and 1TB HDD) I don’t feel that this is too much real-estate for what Scaler offers me. If it was I would simply unload the sounds.

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