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I made some acid-house tune on an Apple //, using the paddles as the equivalent of filter/reso midi knobs.
64kiloByte, 1Mhz 8bit CPU (6502), no soundcard, only a speaker which can be clicked on or off, up to 16000 times per second.

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This still works in a 2021 Apple // emulator, same specs. If you want a race, I can reproduce this in hardware :slight_smile:

I am confused. I cannot use a 1984 computer, today, to make some music? Is it constrained to whatever main computer the composer uses today in their day to day workflow?

There are competitions where they try to tickle the last bit of performance and multi-media/game demo out of original 1980s hardware, so the thought wasn’t that far fetched.

No, not emulator, the real deal, the actual machine manufactured in 1984.
But next thing I hear is probably “that’s not music” :stuck_out_tongue: