When exporting midi notes,, BUG i'm to think!

Such an great product i will admit, BUT… im thinkin there might be sum kinda bug or something. So i’m using the MPC X & Mpc software 2.3, and when im exporting midi notes onto the MPC software, its saying its exporting yet NOTES NO SHOW !!!
Can somebody help this manz here ???

Thanks for reporting your issue, I will have to check what is going on as I am not familiar with the MPC software.

You can try to export notes to your desktop (or any folder), it will create a midi file that you might be able to import into your software.



Midi Drag and Drop into track by AKAI in MPC software is not supported. It’s a heavily requested feature update from MPC users. Workarounds include Ed’s suggestions but users are doing the following:


Re MIDI Drag and Drop MPC software: They only load as a sequence and not a specifc track. As of now, I import into a Sequence and use the Copy function to copy a track from one sequence to another.

Hello Ed
When can we expect to see an update to Scaler to fix these reported bugs as well as the problem I am having with Mixcraft 8, not being able to export the chords directly to the DAW.


Hi @Nigell

We plan on releasing an update in a few weeks with a couple of improvements to the software and some bug fixes.

I will post on the forum when we have a more precise schedule.


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Thanks a massive much… but here is my next question Ed, ( kinda off from this topic but since were here, hahaha ) So, i have this m.o bout life where if it ain’t broke, why fix it
mental, & YES, i still be using Logic Pro 9 as my Daw ( im kinda old school & stuck in me
ways ), so is there any reason why is wasn’t compatible to work in logic 9 ??
Jus a question,
Regardless, Love this Scaler thing’A’majig…
1nce again, Thanks

Since Scaler 1.2 and due to Apple guidelines and restrictions Scaler has become (like most software) 64 bit only. Logic 9 runs by default in 32 bit mode. Have you tried running it in 64 bit mode?:

Hello Ed

It’s been more than a few weeks since you responded to my post, I have still not heard anything regarding a update to Scaler with the bug fixes etc… for Mixcraft 8 not being able to export the chords directly to the DAW.


Hi @Nigell,

The issue has been fixed in 1.7 which is due to release next week on the 27th of Feb.